Westwood's Process Overview

Building Your Dream Home


Budget Planning

To make dreams a reality this is one of the most important steps at Westwood. We don't want you to find any surprise costs during the construction process, so we try to guide homeowners through a budget planning step that generates transparent costs and real numbers.

Upfront budgeting costs to consider


Road / Driveway

Electrical Power

Septic System


Engineering/ Storm Water


Budgeting for a house

Your Vision

Everything from style to location to cost to build comes together at this step. Budgets and dreams work hand in hand to create a solution that truly fits your life.

Design Style

What is your vision for the look and feel of your new home? Craftsman, Farmhouse, Modern, Prairie Ranch, or something only you can imagine?

Lot Layout

Where will your house sit on your property? Consider views, sunrise, sunset, wind, weather, and utility locations.

Cost Efficient Design

By designing smart, we can help you create a cost-effective design while aiming to get you as close to your dream home as possible.

Energy Efficient Design

Comfort, cost savings, carbon footprints, we have energy efficient equipment and design solutions to help meet your lifestyle priorities.



Our team is ready to build an accurate estimate with transparent costs for every stage of construction. This helps homeowners, eliminate stress, make better decisions and finish their homes on time and on budget. We'll go through each line item and make sure you can prioritize what is important for your home, so there are no surprises or painful compromises later on. These are real numbers designed to produce real results.

House Cost estimating

Selection Process

This stage is all about the details. Customize your home to the style that fits your life and your taste. We'll walk you through the selection process and make sure you have the resources you need to make informed decisions on everything from window design to paint colors.



It the lot ready to build? Do you need any environmental permits in place? At Westwood, the process of construction is just as important as the end result. We take careful consideration into making sure your home is built with the proper permits in place, so that the project stays on schedule and is permittable from the time that construction begins.



Communication and site visits are key to a smooth building project. As your home takes shape, we'll make sure that it stays on schedule and on budget. This means regular site visits, maintaining a clean jobsite, and communicating the important details to all of our subcontractors.


We are dedicated to keeping a detailed schedule with smooth production phases for getting your home completed on time.

Site Visits

One of the key components to a successful home construction project is meeting on-site regularly and keeping everyone on the same page.

Our Subcontractors

We don't just get the cheapest contractors we can find; we build long-term relationships and continue to use the best subcontractors for each trade.


Cleanliness is a top priority during construction. It prevents material damage, potential injuries and creates a healthier and more productive jobsite.

Home contractor battleground wa

Follow Up

At the end of every project, we will walk through your new home and take care of any final punch list items. No loose strings, and no unfinished business.

After a year in your home, we'll check in with you and make sure we cover any first-year warranty issues.

For further peace of mind, we include a 10-year warranty package through a third party warranty that covers major structural issues.


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